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"The Curse Within"

By La' Motta Roundtree

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House Of Sin "Sitcom" Everyday people become prisoner, trapped with'in one choices on life.

 Six Script written by: La' Motta Roundtree

 Created By L & L Roundtree 


Night club pool party setting with families of friends celebrating my birth-day party, some who attended I knew and others I never seen or met before were introduced as family members, yet they all knew me. The hostess a beautiful young woman who has a crush over me plan my surprise party, embracing me by the arms she escorts me around this large pool of bodies some swimming, some lounging, some in shadows making out. What ever you wanted to do, this was the party of a life time to be at. Drinks, drugs, and making out, everyone were having a ball the time of their life. Introducing me to families of friends in whom I never seen or met before, at the same time the ones


 that I did know within my circle who OD now by the grave walk up and greeted me with a kiss. The hostess made sure everyone was having a good time supplied us with sex, booze and drugs. Before long others from out of no where begin to join my celebration until the pool party pool became filled with families of new friends. Drinks, loving couples and drugs cover tables, pool and lounge sitting areas. Music performers and roasted speeches throughout the night giving me honor about my lifestyle, throughout the late night some whom came begins to say their goodnights wishing me well. To keep me distracted from seeing the ones leaving to return back to the pool of water from which they somehow came out of, my hostess made sure I was blinded to all by her beauty. Around 4:30 am daybreak broke threw darkness, full of drugs, booze, and my hostess locked in my arms staggering drunk, my hostess clinging to my body sexually. She ask me to follow her that she wanted to give me her gift she had for me. Cuddling up under my arm she guides me toward two large double close door. Me too excited knowing tonight she and I would become lovers, I leaned in to kiss her and she responded passionally. In the heat of passion our lips in-twined locked by sexual sound of moans, we begin exiting leaving my pool party.  With my mind focus on having sex with her; she was the finest woman I ever seen in my life, and I wanted any action she was offering me up tonight.  My eyes totally focus looking in front of me, she lead me pass all my family guest while behind my back, un-knowing my new friends now call family quickly metamorphic back to their real decaying looks. Shortly we found ourselves alone. Passionally embrace arm to arm lips locked we begin walking threw a long echoing hallway.  Suddenly, I’ve noticed large pictures hanging on a wall. Wanting  more drugs and booze for sex, half out of my mind I didn’t pay any thoughts about those hanging pictures covering both sides of the wall.  We both staggered down that long hallway, funny she drank so little yet she stagger as tho she did as much drugs and drinking as I consumed. Blinded by all her beauty I could of sworn I saw faces moving and changing inside some of those pictures. Trying to look she begins to move my hands rubbing all over her breast, I just thought that the consumption mixture of booze and drugs I was just hallucinating, beside what did I care.  My hands were fill. Just then we enter into another area where there was another pool, this area was being setup for another celebration. Quickly all the passionate feeling came to end, so I asked her what’s going on? What was her reason for showing me this. Her reason was she wanted me to be the host for another family member of mine who also made their birthday party reservation. She explaine someone younger, another generational celebration. Drunk and a bit tired I tried backing out of wanting to become the host, for her to try finding someone else more professional. She assured me that I was the right one needed for the job, that I met the skills and all requirements needed. She also suggest that it was time for me to also rest, that it was her job to make sure that I was comfort and prep for my task. Suddenly darkness cover the room we were in, suddenly a window door open.  I found myself  laying on my back inside a box looking up, well dress people standing above me staring down looking at me in tears. They were my kids, my family and friends passing me by one by one. I try with all my soul in screaming out, to move, to show them I’m just asleep, that I’m still with them. But nothing exits from me, nothing! It was as though I was frozen and all I could do was listen to the sound of voices coming beyond my ears, that’s when it hit me, I realize I was dead that this was my own funeral. Laid out in a box before all my family and friends, sadden and could not move nor cry. Stretch out stiff as a board for all to pass by whom came to paid respect to say goodbye.  Darkness once again appeared, beyond all this flesh I could feel jerking movement. Once again light enter and I found myself standing at the cemetery looking at love ones exiting out of their cars. On the shoulders of  some of my drugs and alcoholic buddies laid my casket of what was left of me to be enclosed to a grave site, where a pool of dead bodies rested who names were carve in the ground.  Before long my casket was place upon hanging ropes.  Straps to an open whole in the ground I could hear the un-winding click of medal lowering me slowly. I begin moving about my family and friend trying to communicate yelling at them but no one paid me any attention. Gather around in a tight circle looking at my casket being slowly lowered until I came to a stop. I realize I now have a house I can’t get out of and they can’t come in. My casket resting on the bottom of that hole once again darkness prevail. Frist like at a distance a very low sound, I could still hear the sadness of sounds and their the tears that begins to slowly fade away. Suddenly the distance like sound of other voices became louder and louder. I found myself surrounded by dark silhouettes the same ones at my pool party the only difference was they were in horror, dismay with razor type teeth and claws. From the smell of rotten stitch, the sounds coming from their voices were ringing sound of torment led by my pool party hostess. Now I understand why she said I was the right one to host the next pool party. With so many of them nawing on me by their sharp razor teeth and claws, I too begin making the same noise they were making while my razor sharp hands move frantically over my soul causing me the same pain my pool party family friends were handing out. Trying to stop them cause me to afflict double pain one from my pool party guests and me trying to block what the non-stopping pain handed down from all my new family friend. Cutting off my razor sharp teeth silent any words trying to exit out for help, to stop what I had no control over. Being in so much pain and suffering by the careless works of my choices in life, dried up tears like blood begin draining out of my torture soul. All I could feel was non-stopping pain while my soul cried out. All my life so many spend countless years trying to tell me about, that one name, that gift to man from God that I needed on my life while I was alive. That name in I rejected time after time.  From all the sound of torment coming from my soul all I could do was think the name "God please"! Just then a buzzer went off and I was wakening to a new day confuse head pounding, heart racing remembering every needle point that I was caught up in my nightmare. I found out I had just OD and was giving another chance to escape Already Dead. Lying on a table I jump up and begin running to the nearest prayer room down a long hospital hallway with pictures hanging on both sides to a door saying sanctuary. Above the door read everyone is welcome. Swinging open the double doors I step into the room as the door slammed shut tight behind me, I’ve found myself trap back at the night club pool party I was asked to host. I fell to my knees look up and yell out "no ooooooooooo GOD"!

The End

By: La’ Motta Roundtree