My Father's House late night talk show is a christian entertainment show with special guest from all Christianity walk of life alone with a special guest performance.  
C4 is a Christ 4 top 10 billboard music video countdown. included are two guest videos where the viewers choose which video will play against the next day guest video. from mime performance, bands, groups, and acting skits.    
Christian is a battle of one man soul to change from his out of control lifestyle as a stage performer to accepting Christ as his lord and savor. Finds himself in battle with his friends and his demons who still wanting control.  
Heritage House Nursery Home is a retired senior living home with Christians and non Christians comedy. A group of believers mission is out to get every resident to make it into heaven.
House of Sin's are everyday people trapped sowing seeds for power in pride, anger, lust, sloth, envy, gluttony, and virtues. Ones price that cost them death and destruction that blinds them from love, joy, peace,patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.  
Christian News Team brings you everyday christian faith news happenings and weather through our world.
Jesus Christ christian academy is a comedy of young teenagers minds being train and school educationed  how to walk in the light of God and not with the light, a christian high school.
Kingdom Kids Tree-house learn threw scriptures and how to apply them through their everyday life as growing up as a child. 
The Kingdom of Sail is a soap opera drama of men and women who choose to disobedience to serve the god of this world Satan. 
USA Meals on Wheels is a cooking show where a small crew and a host travel the heartland fellowshiping in breaking bread with other christian families.
Noah's Clubhouse is an animated children clubhouse with games and educations of children of 2 to 11 young cartoon charters just have a lot of fun being a christian.
Adventurous Journey of Professor Kane & Friends is about a small group of young minded kids travel threw a webbagate learning Biblical lesson of the  pass, present and the future in song, dance, and education from A to Z  showing young viewers how to build a career development skills.  
Ray Raya is all about teaching how to do basic kid cooking as a cooking show kinds send in a cooking request item and Ray Rays teaches that request. also helping the to make good choices of right and wrong food groups that helps or hinder the development in children body. 
Reborn is a TV sitcom Comedy action and adventure working in the work force as a christian. 
Saturday Night Live is about gospel, christian live performances sharing the stage. No more that 3 to 4 groups mini concert every Saturday night.
My Father's House "So You Think You Know Scripture" is all about questions ask by the host who said it, what book did the questions come from, and which language is the meaning of a word. Three contested will race giving the correct answer for cash and prizes for todays final winner. 
Tasty Secrets is a christian cooking show of an everyday people who appears on today's show to make any favorite dish that every-time its made, it brings family members running to the table. 
Belivers  bring different faith culture of two family together. Each side of the family will have to learn and accept ones faith. Each culture exchange must be willing in trying to learn the purpose and faith history of that domination.   

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