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Soundtracks by: La' Motta Roundtree and Alan Riva 


Submitted For Motion Picture Tombstone Soundtrack Desert Cowboys.mp3

Love only me.mp3

Soundtrack From Broadway Play Strong Man God Glory Fill This Place.mp3

Cold Hearted Lover From The Gone Country album.mp3

Soundtrack From The Motion Picture Magic Forest King of the Knoles.mp3

Givin you the best years form the gone country album.mp3

Million Tear Drops From the Gone Country album.mp3

Keep On Lov'in From the Gone Country album.mp3

 Sound Effects Tracks

Fun when playing the sound effect tracks, to get its fullness. Start the 1st horror track first and count to 7, next click on the jungle track then click on the rest of the horror effects tracks until all tracks are playing at the sametime. As one track ends keep playing it until the first horror track is finish.

Jungle Track.MP3

Horror Track.MP3

Horror Track 2.MP3

Horror Track 3.MP3

Motion Pictures/Video Background Music 

Background Motion Pictures Tracks.MP3

Motion Pictures Group.MP3