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Formal drum major/songwriter on tour from 1979 to 1985, since 1996 La' Motta Roundtree began structuring his  final training career that ending in Hollywood, CA as a songwriter/ film/audio/video to becoming a major player in the entertainment industry. His vision is to create on-going projects in Film, Video, and Music for the entertainment industry with great family values and morals. Reaching those goals will require a great number of people. Professionals from different walks of life, with skills that produce timeless on-going projects in the entertainment industry. From the front end of projects to behind the scene.

As of 2009 La' Motta and Lorraine have created finished in-the-can projects in music, video's, studio recording, scriptwriting, animation, video and sound effects. As proud owners,  As of 2012 La' Motta Roundtree is soon becoming one of the major ball players, blessed in doing on-going no budget, low and high-end budget projects in the entertainment industry for employers clients in need.

Our mission is to create motion pictures, videos, and music for the Faith entertainment industry. Programs in religion, children television shows, talk shows, full feature length film presentations, game shows, sitcoms, company presentations, marketing advertisements, animation, media campaign ads, and music videos only creating christian family entertainment with morals and values. No HardCore!


La' Motta Roundtree: Director, Editor, Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Scriptwriter, Audio, & Songwriter, Animator, Ghostwriter, Creator, Graphic Artist, Producer, Executive Producer.   

Lorraine Roundtree:

Creator, producer, executive producer, and partner. 

Lorraine Roundtree:

Creator, Producer, Executive Producer, and Help Mate.